Industrial UPS Solutions

logo-elettronica-industrialeBy the 30-years well-consolidated production of Charges, Rectifiers, and Inverters, the natural result of an extremely reliable AC UPS production is available in the CEG’s products range.


industrial-ups-6The combination between all of the possible AC Input and output voltages associated with a widely-extended selection of DC voltages as well enables CEG to customize and propose the best technical and economical choice to ensure flexibility, keeping high reliability to the plants and their associated processes.

industrial-ups-2CEG’s truly on-line single-phase or three-phase industrial UPS line, integrated with fully rated Static Switches, provides fully serviceable solutions able to match all of the project requirements and special characteristics, by adding options for controls, alarms, and distributions.

5 to 150kVA single-phase range and 10 to 400kVA three-phase range for single units, hot-stand-by or load sharing configuration made by parallel connection (up to 8 units even if with different rated sizes) offer the widest choice to match the highest power demand.

Possibility to work with all of the different kinds of batteries (Lead-acid wet or sealed, Nickel Cadmium vented or ultra-low maintenance) and custom built to order make you sure that CEG’s capability will cover all of the applications for:

  • Power Plants
  • Energy Generation and Distribution
  • Onshore and Offshore Petrochemical Plants
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial Plants and Processes