Electrical Distribution

Power Distribution Units (MDU = PDU)
GE’s Monitored Distribution Unit protects your critical computer equipment from electrical noise and spikes, plus acts as a single point reference ground. Each unit can be individually configured to meet your needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation with virtually limitless distribution options. Built-in system monitoring and diagnostics facilitate load balancing and warn of potential threats to your critical equipment.

Branch Circuit Monitoring: For complete critical load management, add a Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) to the MDU panelboards. This monitoring provides the user with branch circuit knowledge of current
readings – average, min/max and alarm settings – all displayed in the Intelligent Monitor.
Top or Bottom Cabling: Use the MDU with bottom cable entry and exit when installing an MDU on a computer room raised access floor. Or use the MDU with top cable entry and exit when installing on a concrete
floor and using overhead busway systems.
Modular Design: GE’s modular design results in higher quality due to the standardized pre-testing of all modules, which allows GE to meet the tight project deadlines that
datacenters demand.

Providing flexible power distribution and voltage transformation, including panelboards, subfeed breakers, and monitoring.