logo-basler-electricBasler Electric is a full-line supplier that the complete range of worldwide support for Westinghouse Distribution & Controls legacy products technology and experience places Basler in a leading position to provide excitation systems for any new generator installations or retrofit applications of excitation systems offerS standard and custom solutions for applications and performance requirements .

besler-voltage-regulatorsBasler Electric manufactures a complete line of automatic voltage regulators that use analog or microprocessor-based technology. These units range from simple voltage regulators to complex excitation systems and provide precision control of virtually any size generator, whether it is applied for standby power or prime power. Basler Electric has reliable, high performance voltage regulators to meet the needs of any application, including distributed generation, cogeneration and peak shaving.

besler-genset-engine-controllersThese devices offer a wide range of functionality to support genset and industrial engine applications. The DGC-2020 is a very flexible device with genset control, metering, protection, and paralleled genset control. The DGC-2020ES provides the same great flexibility and genset control, metering and protection as the DGC-2020, but is designed for stand-alone generators. The IEM-2020 addresses the unique functionality requirements of industrial engine control for pump and compressor applications, although other applications are also supported by this extremely flexible device. A comprehensive programmable logic program adds functionality and reduces the overall installed cost of any genset or industrial engine.